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    What the Coloredballs do

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    What the Coloredballs do

    Post by James1011R on Thu Dec 03, 2009 12:00 am

    The Coloredballs are more than just balls in the form of badges.

    They do something when you PM an admin to use the Coloredball and specify the user you want to use it on.

    Redball - Gives the user 500 Credits
    Greenball - Gives the user 50 Contest Points
    Yellowball - Gives the user up to 2500 Credits
    Purpleball - Gives the user up to 500 Contest Points
    Orangeball - Gives the user a Private message from an admin
    Magentaball - Gives the user the VIP rank
    Blueball - Gives the user a Blue Zone link
    Whiteball - Gives the user a rank up
    Blackball - Gives the user a surprise
    Silverball - Gives the user 50000 Credits
    Goldball - Gives the user 10000 Contest Points
    Platinumball - Gives the user Trust3d Warning and 50000 Credits and 10000 Contest Points and a rank up and a surprise.

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