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    Item Pack contents.

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    Item Pack contents.

    Post by James1011R on Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:18 pm

    You get a pack for joining and one for every 100 levels

    Newbie Pack (Level 1):

    Newbie Sword (5 AT) [was nerfed from 10 AT]
    Newbie Armor (5 DEF) [was nerfed from 10 DEF]
    Newbie Helmet (2 DEF +2 SPD) [was nerfed from 5 DEF +5 SPD]
    Mono-HP Pack
    Mono-MP Pack
    25% Chance for a Newbie Gun (5 ranged AT)

    Advanced Pack (Level 100):

    Advanced Sword (200 AT)
    Advanced Armor (200 DEF)
    Advanced Helmet (100 AT +10 AGI)
    25% Chance for an Advanced Laser (200 ranged AT)
    Perk x10
    Buff x5
    Salvage x2
    -HP Pack
    Mark V Healing Potion
    250000 Pixels

    Hero Pack (Level 200):

    Super Sword (1200 AT)
    Super Armor (1200 DEF)
    Super Helmet (600 DEF 10 +ALL)
    -HP Pack
    -MP Pack
    Rush x10
    Endure x5
    Conserve x2
    Super Box x10
    Super Bocks x3
    Mark VI Healing Potion
    Mark VI Mana Potion
    1000000 Pixels

    Hyper Pack (Level 300):

    Super Energy Sword (3000 AT +20 AGI +20 SPD)
    Advanced Robotic Suit (5000 DEF 10 +ALL + Endure effect)
    Advanced Robotic Helmet (2000 DEF 5 +ALL + Converse effect)
    Care Package x2 (Pixel Shop called, they want these back)
    32 Hour Energy Drink x3 (50% Boost to all stats for 32h)
    Car Bomb x2 (Consumable, does 15000 AT explosion damage, will destroy most cars)
    Door Charge x5 (Allows you to blast open locked doors, does 5000 AT explosion damage)
    Unfinished Nuke (Unfinished, when finished turns into Nuke and has 250000 AT explosion damage)
    Hideout (Allows Pixel and Preon purchasing at a 5% discount, 5% HP regen every action [Structure, doesn't stack on itself])
    -HP Pack x3
    -MP Pack x3
    -HP Pack
    -MP Pack
    Boost x10
    Protect x5
    Efficiency x2
    Mark VIII Healing Potion
    Mark VIII Mana Potion
    Ultra Box x15
    Vector-B Box x7
    3000000 Pixels

    Godly Pack (Level 400):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}
    Myth Blade (7500 AT)
    Mythic Armor (7500 DEF)
    Mythic Helmet (2500 DEF +20 ALL)
    25% Chance for a Disintegrator (10000 ranged AT)
    Cube Laser (turns enemies into cubes)
    Simple Ray (turns enemies into simple forms [disables abilities])
    50% chance of a E3-Lazarus (allows you to turn dead enemies into peaceful guys)
    12.5% chance of a Philter of Dynamism (+50% All Stats for 20 turns)
    -HP Pack x5
    -MP Pack x5
    -HP Pack x2
    -MP Pack x2
    Mark IX Healing Potion
    Mark IX Mana Potion
    Vector-B Box x10
    Special Gold Box x5
    Containment Cube x2
    Astral Box
    Purple Gem x3
    15000000 Pixels
    250000 Preons

    Fantabulously Epic Pack (Level 500):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}

    Iron Pack (100 Credits or 10 Contest Points):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}

    Tin Pack (250 Credits or 20 Contest Points):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}

    Bronze Pack (1000 Credits or 50 Contest Points):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}

    Silver Pack (5000 Credits or 200 Contest Points):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}

    Gold Pack (15000 Credits or 500 Contest Points):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}

    Platinum Pack (40000 Credits or 1200 Contest Points[/strike]):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}

    Diamond Pack (70000 Credits or 2000 Contest Points):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}

    Rhodium Pack (150000 Credits or 4000 Contest Points):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}

    Randomcommodity Pack (300000 Credits or 7000 Contest Points):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}

    Fluxite Pack (700000 Credits or 14000 Contest Points):

    {Suggest items for this pack!}

    Outrageous Administrator

    Admin James1011R


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